Affinity image editor launched

Serif, which has quietly built up an impressive reputation for good quality, low-priced imaging software, has launched Affinity Photo. This has been highly anticipated since the company ran a pubic beta program earlier this year, mainly because it appears to be a fairly serious alternative to Adobe‚Äôs Photoshop, but at a fraction of the price. Continue reading “Affinity image editor launched”

Pixeluvo develops affordable image editor

Software company Pixeluvo has developed an image editing program of the same name targeted at amateur users. It only runs on Windows and Linux and offers a range of features from simple photo cropping and resizing to complex image manipulation with multiple adjustment layers and masks. Continue reading “Pixeluvo develops affordable image editor”

Phase One updates Capture One Pro to 8.2

Phase One has updated its Capture One Pro raw photo editor with the release of v8.2. Capture One Pro is widely used amongst professional photographers thanks to its very clean raw image conversions. It lacks the compositing tools found in Photoshop but is otherwise a very capable image editor. Continue reading “Phase One updates Capture One Pro to 8.2”