DxO launches iPhone camera

DxO, which is best known for developing raw editing software and testing cameras, has now created a camera designed to plug directly into an iPhone.

The DxO One uses a 20.2MP CMOS BSI 1-inch sensor. The lens is an f/1.8, 32mm equivalent aspherical lens with a variable 6-blade iris. Images are recorded as camera RAW files. There’s also a SuperRAW format whereby four RAW frames captured in quick succession can be combined in the DxO Connect software to produce high quality noise-free images.

It records videos at 1080p/30fps or 720p/120fps. There’s a built-in microSD memory card and it can also store images in the iOS camera roll.

It is small when compared to most cameras, but still quite large as a plug-in for a phone. It uses an Apple lightning connector and swivels ±60°. It uses the screen as a viewfinder. But of course the main advantage is that it’s completely connected through the phone to everything from cloud storage to social media networks, something that most users have been crying out for and which no other camera currently provides.

There’s a free iOS app for control of the individual settings including aperture (from f/1.8 to f/11), shutter speed (from 15s to 1/8000s), and ISO (from 100 to 51200). In addition to an Auto mode, the DxO ONE app offers various capture modes, including multiple Scene modes, Speed, Aperture Priority, or full Manual mode – and the camera interface automatically adapts to the selected mode for a unique user experience.

The camera can be pre-ordered for £499, including VAT, with delivery planned for Q4 2015. It can ordered from www.dxo.com and for a limited time, it comes with free licenses for two programs, DxO OpticsPro (Elite Edition, worth £159), and DxO FilmPack (Elite Edition, worth £99), which digitally reproduces the look and feel of analog films.

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