Phase One launches new XF camera system

The Danish company Phase One has revealed its latest series of medium format digital cameras with the new XF. It’s a complete system, with new 80MP, 60MP and 50MP IQ3 digital backs and two new lenses designed to resolve beyond 100MP. These lenses are Schneider Kreuznach Leaf Shutter lenses, with a choice of 35mm and 120mm.

The camera itself is built on an all-new electronics architecture using faster processors, with new sensor advancements (including gyroscopic sensors and accelerometers) and an integrated wireless Profoto flash trigger. It uses an upgradeable operating system with Phase One asking users for ideas and feature requests, and promising to offer new features at regular intervals.

There’s a new Honeybee Autofocus Platform that uses a new custom processor and high-resolution CMOS AF sensor that combines a unique floating-point architecture and fully programmable interface. There’s a new Hyperfocal Point Focusing feature so that it is possible to set a Hyperfocal point for each lens and have the autofocus system automatically return to that specific point when needed.

The camera comes with a full frame solid glass 90°prism viewfinder but there’s an optional waist-level finder.

It’s not a cheap system, with prices ranging from £23,500 to £28,600 for the body, back, viewfinder, 80mm lens and Capture One software. The new 35mm and 120 lenses each cost around £4000. The system is also compatible with the IQ1 backs and existing Phase One lenses.

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