NEC updates SpectraView software

NEC has released its SpectraView II calibration software in Europe for its MultiSync PA range of professional desktop monitors. (It’s already available in the US.) These monitors support hardware calibration via the 14-bit internal look up tables to maintain their colour accuracy and are targeted at photographers, designers and agencies.

The software comes as standard with the 24ins PA242W-SV2, 27ins PA272W-SV2, 30ins PA302W-SV2 and 32ins PA322UHD-SV2 and is also available separately for €89. There’s a graphical interface that’s said to be easy to use. Most standard external sensor calibration devices are supported, as is the latest versions of Mac OS, Microsoft Windows and popular Linux operation systems.

This will bring the European and American versions of SpectraView into alignment. However, it’s worth noting that the high-end SpectraView Reference series, which is aimed at prepress and softproofing, will continue to ship with the original SpectraView Profiler software. I believe that this is based on software from German company basicColor. Just to confuse matters, I believe that NEC has been selling a different version of the SpectraView software in the US, something to be aware of if you’re relying on reviews in choosing a monitor as equipment reviewed by US authors has differed in the past from that available in the UK and Europe.

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