Nikon doubles up with D5 and D500

Nikon has updated its flagship DSLR with the announcement of a new D5. It uses a new 20.8MP CMOS sensor with a faster Expeed 5 processor. Nikon has claimed improved low light ability and raised the top end of the native ISO range to 102,400. There’s a greatly improved auto focussing system with 153 points that can work in low light conditions down to EV-4. The sensor for the RGB metering system has been doubled to 180K pixels, which should improve autofocus tracking. There’s also an automatic AF fine tune system built-in. Continue reading “Nikon doubles up with D5 and D500”

Phase One launches new XF camera system

The Danish company Phase One has revealed its latest series of medium format digital cameras with the new XF. It’s a complete system, with new 80MP, 60MP and 50MP IQ3 digital backs and two new lenses designed to resolve beyond 100MP. These lenses are Schneider Kreuznach Leaf Shutter lenses, with a choice of 35mm and 120mm. Continue reading “Phase One launches new XF camera system”

NEC updates SpectraView software

NEC has released its SpectraView II calibration software in Europe for its MultiSync PA range of professional desktop monitors. (It’s already available in the US.) These monitors support hardware calibration via the 14-bit internal look up tables to maintain their colour accuracy and are targeted at photographers, designers and agencies. Continue reading “NEC updates SpectraView software”